Redefining Australian Wine Imports

Find It. Bring It. Share It. Love It.

It’s one thing to visit a region, meet producers, and then import their wines. LEGEND is built on Jane and Jon’s relationship with the wines and producers of Australia as restaurant buyers. 

The combined six years of work in Australia’s most renowned restaurants is the research LEGEND‘s portfolio is based on. In addition to walking vineyards and tasting barrels, Jane and Jon have satisfied countless consumers and guests from all over the world with these wines, and so many more. 

Approaching Australia with deeply developed wine education and lengthy hospitality careers, we’ve held our wines to the highest of standards.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring them home!

With wines landing stateside in September, LEGEND will be touring the country showcasing its wines, and spreading love for Australia. Jane and Jon will live in each market as it launches, and are excited to work directly with retailers, restaurants, educators, and our partners in distribution. 

Wine Australia is doubling down on their programming in the US, and state-specific organizations like Wines of Victoria and Wine Tasmania are joining in on the fun.  

This website will become a hub for all things Australian wine, and host a national wine club in partnership with independent retailers across the country

We’ll be out on the road, spreading love, joy, and hospitality.