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Coonawarra, Barossa, and Riverland - South Australia

Sunspell was developed by Legend founders Jane Lopes and Jonathan Ross. During their travels down under, they saw firsthand that Australia not only produced wine that much of the world has yet to see, but that it was done with respect for both the environment and for the community—and a sense of fun and lightness. Sunspell is a celebration of all those things we think of when we think of Australia: pristine sun-drenched beaches, big surf, fun-loving people. And it’s a celebration of all those things that don’t come to mind enough when thinking of Australia: fair labor, sensible farming, and delicious wine.

Sunspell is a collaboration with two of Legend’s winemakers in Australia, who hunt down the best cabernet sauvignon vineyard sites and craft them into this fresh, unoaked style of cabernet sauvignon. Sunspell perfectly captures the high-UV environment that makes Australia so special, allowing for grapes to achieve full flavor-ripeness at lower alcohol levels and optimum freshness, with none of the perils that typically afflict affordable cabernet sauvignon, like oak chips and coloring. 

We believe that everyone deserves to drink good wine, and Sunspell is an affordable wine for everyone!

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Shelf Talkers

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