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If a picture could say a thousand words then the traditional written tasting note most certainly is, at its best, incomplete. A member of our wine family, Marquita Levy (lovingly known as “Keez” in aussie slang), danced professionally for over a decade before she found wine. Today, she works with the LEGEND portfolio in New York. Her ability to see and feel wine through the point of view of dance allows her to communicate flavors, textures, structure, and connections within a glass of wine in a most original and complete way.

And, much love and credit to all the amazing dancers whose  profiles you’re about to be directed to.

Here is a collection of some of our favorite visual tasting notes from Keez. Some speak to an objective part of a wine like its acid. Some describe mouthfeel or fruit profile, and others speak simply to the emotions and feelings wine can conjure up. And, some perfectly portray wine’s most technical foundations, but in a uniquely clear and human way.

2018 Silent Way Chardonnay Acidity
2018 Silent Way Chardonnay Weightlessness
2019 Micro Wines Shiraz
2019 Patrick Sullivan Baw Baw Shire Chardonnay
2019 Rasa Early Nancy Rosé
Murdoch Hill Sauvignon Blanc
2020 Micro Wines Cinsault
The Settling of Lees